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TikTok has overtaken the majority of social media networks in popularity and use within two years of its inception. It is now considered one of the most popular social networking and video sharing app ever.

TikTok is a video platform similar to YouTube, but it’s a lot more intuitive to use and doesn’t allow videos longer than 60 seconds. That’s why it’s perfect for younger audiences with shorter attention spans!

If you’re thinking of increasing your brand awareness, here are several ways to optimize your TikTok marketing efforts and make a more significant impact:

Start a TikTok Challenge

TikTok users are known to respond…

How to Address the Diversity Issues in Influencer Marketing
How to Address the Diversity Issues in Influencer Marketing

As influencer marketing spend surpassed 6 billion dollars in 2019, pre-pandemic, many brands had planned to double down on their efforts.

Unfortunately, one thing the industry has not yet seen is a double down on the diversity of creators within activations, events, trips, and more.

As film and modeling industries are called out for the lack of Black talent representation, social media influencers across the U.S. have also begun speaking out against the diversity problem in influencer marketing.

From tokenism to disproportionate pay — and even exclusion for speaking on race-related issues — a wide array of diversity issues plague…

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The majority of your digital marketing success comes down to timing. Getting the right message to the right people at the right moment. Equally essential is learning when that moment is, what it represents, and why.

This is why content strategy is at the center of your larger efforts. Defining the journey you want your customers to take based on where you want them to end up. All being dictated by your organization’s long-term goals.

Despite this, Altimeter estimates that roughly 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

Curata estimates that only 29% of leading marketers are…

As originally found on the Content Marketing Conference blog.

Experiential marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing, yet entirely too many businesses pass it up entirely as their small marketing teams are unsure of what it is and how to implement.

Approximately 65% of marketers are seeing an increase in sales as a result of experiential marketing efforts. Can you afford to miss out on that kind of growth?

What is experiential marketing? In short, it’s any type of marketing that focuses on providing a specific experience to customers.

It’s often also known as event marketing, live…

As originally posted for Content Marketing Conference.

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Virtual reality (VR) is no longer the realm of science fiction or a figment of the video game industry’s imagination.

It’s here, and virtual reality campaigns & storytelling are changing the face of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

How do you plan to incorporate VR into increasing engagement with your customers?

In the world of VR & branded content, hotels are using VR to show off the inside of rooms and craft after-work getaways to entice booking a real-life room.

Most other branded content has been experiential events like sports and concerts…

For years, sales teams and content writers essentially existed in two completely different worlds.

A marketing content writer would be responsible for producing the blog posts, white papers and other materials designed to attract the attention of a potential customer.

At which point they would be handed off to the sales team to begin their proper customer journey. Rinse, repeat. It seems that for all of us, these days may be at an end.

The silo that exists between the sales team and content creators has long been in the process of breaking down. …

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One of the mistakes made most frequently by small businesses is that they fail to adapt to changes in the digital landscape.

Instead, they utilize outdated tactics without considering incorporating the newer methods proving themselves to be wildly effective, like inbound marketing.

Their old fashioned approach guarantees they’re missing out on the portion of their demographic searching for them (and answers about their product/service) online, not in the newspaper, classifieds, or other limiting advertising avenues.

The most successful brands are flexible in adapting, or even being at the forefront of implementing new technologies and strategies to stand out within their…

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In every business, marketing plays a central role in ensuring meaningful connections are made, brand awareness is increased, and ultimately long-term financial success is achieved.

Though inbound has made marketing less brand-centric, many businesses are now seeing the value of a new kind of word-of-mouth marketing via influencers.

Having key leaders authentically back your company allows you to drive your brand message to their audience as well..

By choosing a leading authority within your industry whose reputation and interests align with your brands values, you are able to provide potential clients a trustworthy recommendation.


Influencer marketing is essentially a targeted…

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Content now has a compounding effect on every business whether you’re choosing to create it or not.

Content marketing is not just about scrapping together an industry agreed upon minimum of words, hitting publish, and watching it fade into what has become the overstuffed, abysmally bad editorial abyss.

Content marketing needs more than that. As a marketing strategy, every business should learn how to build a content library that is long-lasting and effective.

Leaders within the Marketing industry like Rachel Parker of Resonance Content and Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute are releasing studies about what’s to come regarding…

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This year I was able to attend Content Marketing World, the marketing conference for small-to-medium businesses, agencies and Marketing evangelists around the globe.

I chatted with Buddy Scalera about our previously exchanged tweets, took a selfie and made lunch plans with my idol Ann Handley, enjoyed steak next to a media magnate whose next book is set to disrupt the industry upon it’s release this month.


1. Focus on creating impressions, not counting them.

Marketing is no longer about vanity metrics but the connections we forge with authentic stories.

A like means nothing if it’s a subconscious reflexive show of…

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Influencer & Social Marketing consultant of 11+ years. Influencer Adv. Council Member: The Clorox Company

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